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April 2, 2019 Consolidated Election:

Open Positions: Village President (four year term)

Village Trustee (3) open positions (four year term)

Neighborhood Alert: There has been a spike in burglaries and stolen

motor vehicles in the Barrington area, including North Barrington. Offenders

enter neighborhoods looking for unlocked vehicles and/or vehicle with

keys/fobs inside. On the advice of the Lake County Sheriff's office, if

you are leaving your vehicle in the driveway, make sure there are no valuables

inside and the vehicle is LOCKED. If your vehicle is in the garage, make sure

your garage is locked and the keys are inside your home.

Most vehicle thefts and burglaries occur in the overnight hours when families

are sleeping. To minimize your risk, make sure to remove any valuables from

your vehicle, close all windows and secure all doors. Illuminate the exterior

of your home to deter offenders. Offenders do not want to be seen and

intentionally select evening hours to target vehicles and homes.

To report suspicious persons, please contact the Lake County Sheriff's office,

either 911 or their non-emergency #847-549-5200.


conservation-img.jpgConservation Info
Best Management Practices Handbook, Conservation at Home programs including Rain Gardens can be found here.

Utility Information

utility-info-img.jpgUtility Information: Electrical Aggregation information can be found here.

Septic and Well info can be found here.

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