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An electronic version of the winter newsletter is available at the link below:

Village Newsletter

Village Snow Operations

Mac’s Property Management will be performing snow removal services on behalf of the Village this season. When the snow begins to fall, or icy conditions are present, the Village wants you to know that Mac’s is ready. They will put their snow and ice removal operation into motion to have you on your way as quickly and safely as possible.

As is standard with municipal snow operations, plowing will begin with the clearing of main arteries or primary streets in order to speed response time for emergency vehicles. Once these roadways are passable, they will move on to clear secondary and residential streets. Due to the limited traffic on cul-de-sacs roadways, these are often cleared after secondary streets.

If you have any questions regarding the snowplowing program, please feel free to contact North Barrington Village Hall at (847) 381-6000 or Mac’s Property Management directly at (847) 487-9400.

Reports of damage related to snow plow operations should be directed North Barrington Village Hall at (847) 381-6000. Damage in the right of way will be logged, with repairs to be conducted in the spring.

It should be noted that the most common reports of damage the Village receives during the snow season relate to mailboxes. Homeowners are responsible for making sure their mailboxes and/or posts can withstand the weight of the snow cleared by the plows. The Village will accept reports for damage related to a mailbox directly hit by a snowplow blade or some portion of the plow truck.

Clover Hill Road Closure

Closed to north bound traffic from west of the Kohls entrance

The closure is west of the entrance to the commercial area (Kohls, etc.) This restriction applies to all motorists, any motorist attempting to go around the barriers will be ticketed (resulting in a minimum of $120 for the citation). See the attached diagram for more detailed information.

For several years the Village has experienced an increase of northbound cut-through traffic on Clover Hill Lane from Rand Road to Miller Road due to the poor progression and capacity of the intersection of Rand Road at Miller Road. The increased cut through traffic has created a public safety concern for the residents along Clover Hill Lane for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.


conservation-img.jpgConservation Info
Best Management Practices Handbook, Conservation at Home programs including Rain Gardens can be found here.

Utility Information

utility-info-img.jpgUtility Information: Electrical Aggregation information can be found here.

Septic and Well info can be found here.

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