Demographic Information

North Barrington today consists of approximately 3,171 residents occupying approximately 1,100 homes, with two country clubs on a little less than 5 square miles. The entire village is in Lake County, Illinois.

Most home sites are within Cuba Township, and therefore in Barrington School District 220. The eastern portion of North Barrington lies within Ela Township and is served by Lake Zurich School District 95.

Paramedic and Fire Protection services vary by location within the Village as well. Homes north of Miller Road are served by Wauconda Fire District; homes south of Miller Road are served by Lake Zurich Rural Fire Protection District.

North Barrington currently contracts with Lake County Sheriffs Police for police protection services.

The Village Hall, constructed in 1992, is located at 111 Old Barrington Road, There are three paid staff members, with outside contractors hired for legal, engineering, building, and health & sanitation services.

All elected officials and appointed Commissioners perform their work on a volunteer basis. Officials are elected in municipal elections in March every two years for four-year terms. There is one Village President, and 6 Trustees, with the Trustees being elected every four years.

Census Data

The Federal Government conducts a census every ten years throughout the country for demographic information, and to be sure representation at the state and federal level is appropriate.

To view the 2020 Census Data please click here.

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