Forestry Department

Trees are a valuable natural resource for the Village of North Barrington, and steps have been taken to preserve them within the Village. The Village Forester, Susan Allman, reviews all building applications, and suggests measures to lessen the negative impact to trees, and to ensure compliance with all the Village codes and ordinances. Most building permits require a tree-removal permit.

HERITAGE TREE ORDINANCE. The Village has a Heritage Tree Ordinance that prohibits the removal of any tree having a diameter of twenty inches or greater. Removal of any Heritage Tree, regardless of condition, without contacting the Village Forester is prohibited and subject to violation penalties. The Village Forester may grant a permit for removal of a Heritage Tree. An application requesting removal of a Heritage Tree is available on the Village website or at the Village Hall. A certified arborist’s determination of the Heritage Tree’s health may be required. In some cases the homeowner may be required to replace the Heritage Tree.

In 2000, the Village passed its Comprehensive Tree Preservation Ordinance, and has also been awarded Tree City, USA status for the past sixteen years for its work in tree replacement, education and tree-related activities. Email:


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