Health Department

The Health Department is responsible for Health & Sanitation matters within the Village and enforces all Ordinances and provisions of the Village Code for the protection of public health.

The current Health Officer is Natalie Karney who also advises the Environmental & Health Commission regarding septic variance requests. Email:


Application for modification or Repair for Individual Sewage Disposal System

Waste & Recycling Information

The Village's contracted waste hauler is Prairieland Waste Disposal. They are available to answer questions regarding the Village's waste or recycling programs by calling (847) 381-9300.

Solid Waste & Recycling Collection Program Brochure

Food Scrap Recycling

Collection Year Round - Did you know you can have ALL your organic waste picked up weekly by Prairieland? Its easy! They take all organic waste like turkey carcasses, ham bones, kitty litter, animal waste, yard waste etc. year round. Call Prairieland Waste Disposal at 847-381-9300 for more information and to set up this valuable service. Do your part for the planet, let Prairieland compost your food waste!

Food Scrap Composting Year-Round Program Brochure

Free Drop Off - Try to cut down on food waste from the start and practice the Rs of food waste - rethink, refuse, reuse, reduce and recycle/rot/compost. When you practice meal planning, shop carefully, eat leftovers, and store your foods properly, you will create less food waste right from the start. The food scraps you have left you can take to a local food scrap drop-off site.

Video: How I Kept 10 lbs. of Food of out the Landfill

Recycling Best Practices

Many of you have asked about what can be recycled so you can keep your recycling out of Illinois’s dwindling landfills.

  • DO recycle clean metal cans and plastic bottles, newspaper, clean glass and cardboard every week.
  • DO scrape out cans, jars and containers so most residue is gone.
  • DON’T put plastic bags of any sort into your recycling bin, even “compostable” bags.
  • DON’T place a container full of food into a recycling bin, clean it out first.

Solid Waste Agency of Lake County, IL ("SWALCO")

The Village of North Barrington is a member of SWALCO, who has provided the link below for the most current information regarding solid waste, recyclable and organics disposal guidelines created by Lake County.

14 tips to reduce plastic waste:

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