2021 Meeting Agendas & Minutes


1/5/2021Environmental & Health Commission Canceled Notice
1/11/2021Plan Commission CanceledNotice
1/12/2021Zoning Board of Appeals CanceledNotice
1/18/2021Parks & Recreation CommissionNotice
1/20/2021Village Board Agenda

The Village President has determined that an in-person meeting is not practical or prudent because of the COVID-19 disaster, therefore this meeting will also include the meeting being conducted by audio or video conference. The Village will be following social distance requirements for all meeting attendees and will allow remote attendance via Zoom. Access via Zoom shall be available by using the below link, Meeting Id and Password:


Meeting ID: 416 813 0572

Password: 0NeGdv

To access the meeting by phone dial (312) 626-6799

Meeting ID: 416 813 0572

Password: 824994


2/5/2021Environment & Health Commission
2/8/2021Plan Commission
2/9/2021Zoning Board of Appeals
2/17/2021Village Board


3/2/2021Environment & Health Commission
3/8/2021Plan Commission
3/9/2021Zoning Board of Appeals
3/17/2021Village Board


4/6/2021Environment & Health Commission
4/12/2021Plan Commission
4/13/2021Zoning Board of Appeals
4/19/2021Parks & Recreation Commission
4/21/2021Village Board


5/4/2021Environment & Health Commission
5/10/2021Plan Commission
5/11/2021Zoning Board of Appeals
5/19/2021Village Board


6/1/2021Environment & Health Commission
6/7/2021Plan Commission
6/8/2021Zoning Board of Appeals
6/16/2021Village Board


7/6/2021Environment & Health Commission
7/12/2021Plan Commission
7/13/2021Zoning Board of Appeals
7/19/2021Parks & Recreation Commission
7/21/2021Village Board


8/3/2021Environment & Health Commission
8/9/2021Plan Commission
8/10/2021Zoning Board of Appeals
8/18/2021Village Board


9/7/2021Environment & Health Commission
9/13/2021Plan Commission
9/14/2021Zoning Board of Appeals
9/15/2021Village Board


10/5/2021Environment & Health Commission
10/11/2021Plan Commission
10/12/2021Zoning Board of Appeals
10/18/2021Parks & Recreation Commission
10/20/2021Village Board


11/2/2021Environmental & Health Commission
11/8/2021Plan Commission
11/9/2021Zoning Board of Appeals
11/17/2021Village Board


12/7/2021Environmental & Health Commission
12/13/2021Plan Commission
12/14/2021Zoning Board of Appeals
12/15/2021Village Board

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