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The Village Staff consists of the Village Administrator/Clerk and two Deputy Clerks. The Village Office is located at 111 Old Barrington Road (one mile west of the intersection of Illinois Route 22 and Illinois Route 59, and north one block on Old Barrington Road). Regular Office Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, or by appointment.

The Village Administrator/Clerk provides overall direction and administration of the office and procedures established by the Village President and Board of Trustees. The Village Administrator also coordinates activities of all Village Departments, assists Trustees and Commissioners, and newsletter and website coordination. Shannon Andrews is currently serving as the Interim Village Administrator/Clerk. She brings to the Village 14 years of diverse municipal management experience, previously serving the Village of Lake in the Hills and the Village of Lakewood in McHenry County. She has a Masters of Business Administration and a Certificate of Project Management.

Deputy Village Clerks Kris Lennon and Elia Torres are responsible for the Trustee and Commission meeting activities, including agenda & packet preparation and minute taking, resident's Home Occupation permits, vehicle sticker processing, as well as general office functions.


While the Village Board does not outwardly look for discord, the Village has legal counsel for normal business activities, as well as defense of pending and potential litigation.

Most Village documents are open to view by the public. If you wish to get copies of any past minutes, or Village records, please complete the attached Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) and return to the Village Office.

The Village Attorney is Bryan Winter of Fuqua Winter, Ltd.

Village Trustees

Village President

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