Requests for Public Records

All notices and other communications relating to a request to inspect, copy, or certify public records, all requests for copies of the FOIA Rules, and all requests for any other information relating to the Village’s implementation of the Illinois Freedom of Information Act should be directed to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Village of North Barrington
111 Old Barrington Road
North Barrington, Illinois 60010

FOIA Request Form

Response Times

The Village shall respond to any Request filed pursuant to Section II of these FOIA Rules within five (5) Business Days after such Request is received by the Freedom of Information Officer. If the request is for commercial purposes, the Village shall respond within 21 Business Days after receipt.

(c-10, “Commercial purpose” means the use of any part of a public record or records, or information derived from public records in any form for sale, resale or solicitation or advertisement for sales or services. For purposes of this definition, requests made by news media and non-profit scientific or academic organizations shall not be considered to be made for a “commercial purpose” when the principal purpose of the request is (i) to access and disseminate information concerning news and current or passing events, (ii) for articles of opinion or features of interest to the public, or (iii) for the purpose of academic, scientific, or public research or education.)

Records Available Immediately

The following Public Records are immediately available to the public in electronic format:

Current Year Meeting Agendas, Minutes and Public Notices
Archived Meeting Agendas and Minutes
Annual Treasurer's Report
Municipal Code
Zoning Ordinance
Comprehensive Plan
2015 Audit, Management Letter
2016 Audit, Management Letter
2017 Audit, Management Letter
2018 Audit, Management Letter
2019 Audit & Management Letter

2020 Audit, Management Letter

2020 Audit, Annual Financial Report

2021 Audit, Management Letter

2021 Audit, Annual Financial Report

2022 Audit, Managment Letter

2022 Audit, Annual Financial Report

FY2018/2019 Budget

FY2019/2020 Budget

FY2020/2021 Budget

FY2021/2022 Budget

FY2022/2023 Budget

FY2023/2024 Budget

Fees for FOIA Requests

  • First 50 letter/legal pages (black & white copies): Free
  • Over 50 letter/legal pages: $0.15 per page
  • Color and oversized Copies shall be charged the actual cost of the reproduction
  • Certification: $1.00 per document, plus copy costs
  • If request includes reproduction on electronic media, the actual cost of this media
  • If the services of an outside vendor are required to copy any public record, you shall pay the actual charges that the Village incurs in connection with such copying services.

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