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Summer Concert at Eton Park this Saturday 6-8 pm featuring North Barrington Resident Gerry Aylward. Pack up the picnic for an enjoyable evening at the park!

Mosquito Spraying

There will be a Mosquito Spraying Friday, July 13, 2018, weather permitting. Treatment can be anytime between dusk and dawn. This will be the fifth application; the first was Friday, June 1st; the second was Friday, June 15th; third June 29th; the fourth was Friday July 6th. Standing water found in buckets, drains, watering cans etc. provide mosquitoes with an excellent area to lay their eggs. So, to help make your home and garden less attractive to these pesky biting insects you should remove any standing water that might have collected in and around your home and garden. To report nuisances in your area, please call 800-942-2555. More info on mosquito spraying can be found here.

Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus in Lake County. For more information and how to protect yourself, click here.

2018 Road Resurfacing program info can be found here.

Drainage and cross culvert work will begin on Monday, 7/16; saw cutting of roadway is ongoing. Grinding of pavement will begin Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, for about three days, following pavement. All residents will have access in/out of all street locations.

Date of Release: June 15, 2018

Point of Contact:
Jay W. Ukena 847-377-4500
Kasey D. Morgan 847-377-3818

Waukegan, Illinois


On Thursday, June 14, 2018, the 19th Judicial Circuit Court’s Jury Commission received notification of several occurrences where individuals had been contacted via telephone by a male identifying himself as a Lake County Deputy Sheriff. Citizens were told that they had failed to appear for Jury Duty and needed to proceed to the Lake County Courthouse in Waukegan immediately. Once at the Courthouse, they were instructed to call the Deputy Sheriff stating that they had left their residence. Local authorities have verified that the name provided by the caller is NOT a Lake County Deputy Sheriff.

In response to these events, Chief Judge Jay W. Ukena has issued the following statement. “The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit is appreciative of the service performed by the citizens of Lake County and is committed to protecting their civic right to serve as a juror. The Circuit is issuing a press advisory regarding this matter to all our local justice and media partners today to warn and protect the Citizens of Lake County."

Jury Commissioner Robert A. Zastany, Jr. stated, “The Nineteenth Judicial Circuit Court’s Jury Commission would like to remind citizens that our office does not contact any potential juror by telephone. All communication by our office is sent via US mail on official circuit letterhead. If a citizen needs to verify their jury summons, please contact the Lake County Jury Commission Office at 847-377- 4600 or by email at jury@lakecountyil.gov.”

Below are suggested safeguards, if you should receive a similar call regarding this Jury Duty Scam.

1. Do Not provide any personal information;

2. Do Not tell when you leave your residence;

3. Document the number calling along with any information about the call;

4. Report the incident to your local law enforcement agency as soon as possible.

Electrical Aggregation Update!

The program with Constellation will end in July, 2018 and the Village has entered into an agreement with another provider, Dynegy.

To participate in the program, residents need not take any further action as they will be automatically enrolled. To reject enrollment, residents may opt-out before May 25th using the instructions in the attached letter, which also contains a list of FAQs. They may also opt out any time during the agreement with no fees or penalties.

To summarize:

  1. Those already in the program will experience no change on their ComEd bill other than the supplier name changing from Constellation to Dynegy, and the new rate of 7.277 cents/kWh starting July 2018.
  2. Those not currently in the program will be entered in effective July 2018.
  3. Residents who have chosen their own supplier outside of the program will experience no change in their chosen provider or rate.
  4. If you have questions or need additional information about Municipal Aggregation or Dynegy, please visit www.Dynegy.com for FAQs and community specific information. Dynegy Customer Care is available 8:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday at 844-351-7691 or via email at

Recycling Opportunities!

  • Christmas Light Recycling- container is located inside the North Barrington Village Hall.

  • Shoes and Boots -We now collect and recycle unwearable athletic shoes at our Village Hall. We also collect other styles of used — but wearable — shoes and boots and donate them to charity. For more information, contact the Village Hall, 847-381-6000.
  • Flower Vases - Don't know what to do with all those unwanted vases in your cabinet? Please save and drop off any style flower vase to be used for flower arrangement donations to local health care and nursing home facilities The charity organization "Random Acts of Flowers" will arrange and deliver lovely floral arrangements to help cheer residents using your old vases. Drop off is accepted at our Prairie Land's Lake Barrington office (21988 N. Pepper Road, Lake Barrington, Illinois - office hours 8-5 M-F, Saturday 8-12) at regular hours (please bring into office).... Please wrap all vases in bubble wrap or news paper for transport. Medium size vases up to (13 inches) glass, plastic, ceramic, and metal are accepted. Thank you making a difference in someone's life!

Volunteers Needed!

Consider joining the Parks and Recreation Commission or Environment & Health Commission. To sign up contact us at info@northbarrington.org *Application for Volunteer Position

Garbage & Recycling

garbage-recycling-img.jpgGarbage & Recycling
Garbage & recycling
information (including electronics, compact fluorescent bulbs and prescriptions drugs) can be found here.


conservation-img.jpgConservation Info
Best Management Practices Handbook, Conservation at Home programs including Rain Gardens can be found here.

Utility Information

utility-info-img.jpgUtility Information: Electrical Aggregation information can be found here. For opt out information, click here. At the bottom of the page is an opt out link.

Septic and Well info can be found here.

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